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Madonna and Child c. 1742


Pompeo Batoni

Batoni, Pompeo (Italian 1708-1787) Roman school Rococo.
Madonna and Child - Pompeo Batoni
Title: Madonna and Child c. 1742
Artist:Pompeo Batoni
Item No:N-B0029-016
Medium:100% Handmade Oil Painting on Canvas.
Shipping:Finish and send in 2 to 3 weeks
100% Hand Painted Fine Oil Painting Reproduction
No printing or digital imaging techniques are used. "

Pompeo Batoni's Madonna and Child c. 1742

" will be hand painted by our professional and experienced artist on real artist's canvas in the traditional way the real artist would paint.
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Thank you very much indeed for the painting, i have received it today and i'm so happy with it, I couldn't have asked for anymore and it is lovely, congratulations to you and your team who have made the whole process so easy and delivered exactly what i wanted.
Many thanks
London N12 0DD United Kingdom

After storm the sun rise again.
Today I have received the painting and we like it very much.It is very beautiful as the other paintings we have.

I've got the package this evening. Everything is very good and we all are satisfied. Thanks a lot for Your assistance !!
I hope that in a few days I'll do the next order. Thank You once more and my best wishes
R. A.
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