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Amateur. 1862


Vasily Perov

Perov, Vasily (Vasilij)(Wassilij Grigorjewitsch Perow)(Russian, 1834-1882).
Amateur - Vasily Perov
Title: Amateur. 1862
Artist:Vasily Perov
OriginalSize:33.8x28 cm
Item No:N-P0014-0051
Medium:100% Handmade Oil Painting on Canvas.
Shipping:Finish and send in 2 to 3 weeks
100% Hand Painted Fine Oil Painting Reproduction
No printing or digital imaging techniques are used. "

Vasily Perov's Amateur. 1862

" will be hand painted by our professional and experienced artist on real artist's canvas in the traditional way the real artist would paint.
How our artists work?
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I received the last two paintings and My customers were very happy with them.
Thanks very much for the high quality!

The painting arrived and it is wonderful, much better, than I was imagining
Thank you a lot
will be happy to order one again in the future
Thank you again

Thank you very much for your message. We are very pleased with the paintings. Happy new year.
We will contact soon to order some more for the girls?bedrooms and I also interested in a painting called "vaterlo" if you have it.
Best regards
Vladimi M.
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24 inch width x 30 inch height (61 x 76cm) $174
24 inch width x 36 inch height (61 x 91cm) $190
30 inch width x 40 inch height (76 x 102cm) $268
30 inch width x 48 inch height (76 x 122cm) $296
36 inch width x 48 inch height (91 x 122cm) $315
40 inch width x 60 inch height (102 x 152cm) $407
48 inch width x 60 inch height (122 x 152cm) $449
48 inch width x 72 inch height (122 x 183cm) $496
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