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Top Famous Artists
• Van Gogh, Vincent
• Renoir
• Monet, Claude Oscar
• Waterhouse,J. W.
• Vermeer Van Delft
• Titian
• Sargent, John Singer
• Rubens, Peter Paul
• Rembrandt van Rijn
• Raphael
• Michelangelo
• Leighton, L. F.
• Klimt, Gustav
• Goya, Francisco Jose
• Godward, J. W.
• Gerome, Jean-Leon
• Gauguin, Paul
• Degas, Edgar
• Da Vinci, Leonardo
• Cezanne, Paul
• Bouguereau, A. W.
• Alma-Tadema
• Weeks, Edwin Lord
• Velazquez, Diego
• Turner, J. M. William
• Tissot, James
• Sisley, Alfred
• Rossetti, D. G.
• Rivera, Diego
• Pissarro, Camille
• Mucha, A. M.
• Modigliani, Amedeo
• Manet, Edouard
• Kahlo, Frida
• Ingres, J. A. D.
• Homer, Winslow
• Greco, El
• Delacroix, Eugene
• Chase, William Merritt
• Cassatt, Mary
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Artists by Name - A

Hans von Aachen oil painting
Artist: Aachen, Hans von
[ 52 Masterpieces ]
Niccolo dell Abbate (Niccolò dell'Abbate) oil painting
Artist: Abbate, Niccolo dell
[ 5 Masterpieces ]
Louise Abbema oil painting
Artist: Abbema, Louise
[ 4 Masterpieces ]
John Ottis Adams oil painting
Artist: Adams, John Ottis
[ 34 Masterpieces ]
Willem van Aelst oil painting
Artist: Aelst, Willem van
[ 22 Masterpieces ]
Aertsen, Pieter oil painting
Artist: Aertsen, Pieter
[ 33 Masterpieces ]
Ivan Aivazovsky, Constantinovich / Konstantinovich oil painting
Artist: Aivazovsky, Ivan
[ 336 Masterpieces ]
John White Alexander oil painting
Artist: Alexander, John White
[ 54 Masterpieces ]
Fyodor Alexeyev oil painting
Artist: Alexeyev, Fyodor
[ 4 Masterpieces ]
Allan, William oil painting
Artist: Allan, William
[ 17 Masterpieces ]
Alessandro Allori (Alessandro Bronzino) oil painting
Artist: Allori, Alessandro
[ 28 Masterpieces ]
Cristofano Allori oil painting
Artist: Allori, Cristofano
[ 12 Masterpieces ]
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema ( Lourens Alma Tadema ) oil painting
Artist: Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence
[ 213 Masterpieces ]
Luis Alvarez Catala (Luis Álvarez Catalá) oil painting
Artist: Alvarez Catala, Luis
[ 14 Masterpieces ]
Eugène-Emmanuel Amaury-Duval (Eugene Emmanuel) oil painting
Artist: Amaury-Duval, Eugene-Emmanuel
[ 6 Masterpieces ]
Christoph Amberger oil painting
Artist: Amberger, Christoph
[ 23 Masterpieces ]
Friedrich Von Amerling oil painting
Artist: Amerling, Friedrich Von
[ 37 Masterpieces ]
Sophie Gengembre Anderson oil painting
Artist: Anderson, Sophie Gengembre
[ 23 Masterpieces ]
Federico Andreotti oil painting
Artist: Andreotti, Federico
[ 22 Masterpieces ]
Thomas Pollock Anschutz (Thomas P. Anshutz) oil painting
Artist: Anschutz, Thomas Pollock
[ 30 Masterpieces ]
Richard Ansdell oil painting
Artist: Ansdell, Richard
[ 11 Masterpieces ]
Jose Claudio Antolinez (José Claudio Antolínez) oil painting
Artist: Antolinez, Jose Claudio
[ 8 Masterpieces ]
Aleksey (Alexey) Petrovich Antropov oil painting
Artist: Antropov, Aleksey
[ 56 Masterpieces ]
Giuseppe Arcimboldo oil painting
Artist: Arcimboldo, Giuseppe
[ 45 Masterpieces ]
Juan de Arellano oil painting
Artist: Arellano, Juan de
[ 13 Masterpieces ]
Ivan Petrovich Argunov oil painting
Artist: Argunov, Ivan
[ 39 Masterpieces ]
Nikolai Ivanovich Argunov oil painting
Artist: Argunov, Nikolai
[ 34 Masterpieces ]
Dell'Acqua, Cesare (Cesare Felix Georges dell'Acqua) oil painting
Artist: Dell'Acqua, Cesare
[ 8 Masterpieces ]
Most Famouse Artists:
Vincent Van Gogh oil painting
Vincent Van Gogh
Pierre Auguste Renoir oil painting
Pierre Auguste Renoir
Claude Monet oil painting
Claude Monet
John William Waterhouse oil painting
John William Waterhouse
Jan Vermeer Van Delft oil painting
Jan Vermeer Van Delft
Titian (Tiziano Vecellio) oil painting
Titian (Tiziano Vecellio)
John Singer Sargent oil painting
John Singer Sargent
Peter Paul Rubens oil painting
Peter Paul Rubens
Rembrandt van Rijn oil painting
Rembrandt van Rijn
Raphael oil painting
Michelangelo oil painting
Lord Frederic Leighton oil painting
Lord Frederic Leighton
Gustav Klimt oil painting
Gustav Klimt
Francisco de Goya y Lucientes oil painting
Francisco de Goya y Lucientes
John William Godward oil painting
John William Godward
Jean-Leon Gerome oil painting
Jean-Leon Gerome
Paul Gauguin oil painting
Paul Gauguin
Edgar Degas oil painting
Edgar Degas
Leonardo Da Vinci oil painting
Leonardo Da Vinci
Paul Cezanne oil painting
Paul Cezanne
Adolphe William Bouguereau oil painting
Adolphe William Bouguereau
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema oil painting
Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Edwin Lord Weeks oil painting
Edwin Lord Weeks
Diego Velazquez Rodriguez de Silva y oil painting
Diego Velazquez Rodriguez de Silva y
Joseph Mallord William Turner oil painting
Joseph Mallord William Turner
James Jacques Joseph Tissot oil painting
James Jacques Joseph Tissot
Alfred Sisley oil painting
Alfred Sisley
Dante Gabriel Rossetti oil painting
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Diego Rivera oil painting
Diego Rivera
Camille Pissarro oil painting
Camille Pissarro
Alphonse Maria Mucha oil painting
Alphonse Maria Mucha
Amedeo Modigliani oil painting
Amedeo Modigliani
Edouard Manet oil painting
Edouard Manet
Frida Kahlo oil painting
Frida Kahlo
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres oil painting
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
Winslow Homer oil painting
Winslow Homer
El Greco oil painting
El Greco
Eugene Delacroix oil painting
Eugene Delacroix
William Merritt Chase oil painting
William Merritt Chase
Mary Cassatt oil painting
Mary Cassatt
Albert Bierstadt oil painting
Albert Bierstadt
Anders Leonhard Zorn oil painting
Anders Leonhard Zorn
John Everett Millais oil painting
John Everett Millais
Henri Matisse oil painting
Henri Matisse
Paul Klee oil painting
Paul Klee
Wassily Kandinsky oil painting
Wassily Kandinsky
Juan Gris oil painting
Juan Gris
Albrecht Durer oil painting
Albrecht Durer
Jacques-Louis David oil painting
Jacques-Louis David
Thomas Cole oil painting
Thomas Cole

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